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Greg Rossen


I love Real Estate because of the fantastic people you meet when you are selling properties to and for them. When we were kids in the 1970s, my brother Paul and I would knock on doors in Nedlands. We’d ask people if they wanted us to water their gardens while they were on holidays. It was before everyone had reticulation and so we got lots of work. I think that’s how the budding entrepreneurial spirit started and how I met so many people in Nedlands. I’m from a family of 11 with 6 sisters and 2 brothers. We all went to school and university in the western suburbs. So just about everybody knows one of my family members. I was at UWA and got a part-time job with the local newspaper, knocking on doors of businesses and selling advertising. I was pretty good at it and one of the newspaper’s customers was a real estate agent who offered me a job. The rest, as they say, is history! Sales Representative to REIWA President. My late Uncle Neville once said, “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. And boy, oh boy! Did I work hard. Seven times winner of REIWA’s Grand Master Award, Auction Championship Finalist on two occasions and more properties sold than I can count. I feel so lucky to have met so many good people and there is no better place to get to know people than when you are selling their home - or helping them buy one. If you are looking for a trusted real estate agent, know this. When I sell your property, I think of you as one of my family and I will go the extra mile to look after you.

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Professional Property Management

Staff were helpful and went out of their way to assist us. Unlike other agents who do not come back, the team at Rossen were very responsive during the application process.


Ongoing Service and Experience

Seventeen years ago I bought my beautiful weatherboard and iron home from Greg Rossen.
I am moving to Melbourne in November so I rang Greg to get a price in March last year, 2022.
It was just before the state election and interest rates hadn’t begun to increase.
I was thinking of selling in the middle of the following year. Greg advised me that interest rates were going to start to go up and I should consider selling sooner rather than later.
The drawback to this was that I didn’t want to move out until November 2023. Greg said he thought he could find me an investor who would allow me to rent it back.
So I put it on the market in May, 2022, and Greg sold it for an excellent price. Even better still, the buyers who were from the eastern states, agreed to let me rent back until November this year (2023).
I needed to clear out some clutter from the house for the inspection back in May 22. Greg offered me the use of his office and it’s been nearly 12 months now that I’ve been storing my furniture and effects there. He helped me replace an air-conditioning unit at half the price I had been quoted elsewhere and he has taken an ongoing interest in the house and my search for another house to live in in Melbourne.

I highly recommend Greg and his staff as agents with integrity and a great deal of experience

Laurel de Vietri

Without Doubt the Best Auctioneer!

I was one of the Executors and one of the beneficiaries of my Later Father and Mother’s Estate at 3/1 The Avenue, Crawley. We resolved that we had to choose our real estate agent very carefully to ensure a smooth transaction and the best possible price.
Everybody in the Western Suburbs knows one or more agents but, in the end, you have to select the person who has the time to individually advise you on all aspects of the sale (as well as get the best price).
We called in three local agents to give us an appraisal, quote their selling fees and indicate how they would handle promotion and sale.
We choose Greg Rossen as we liked his proposal and approach to the sale. I especially liked the personal attention that we received from Greg, who attended every home open and inspection. Greg kept us informed on a regular basis indicating who had inspected the property and their level of potential interest.
On the day of the auction, Greg (the Golden Gavel) got us the very high price of $1,608,000 well above the reserve.
If you want to know why the sale price ends in $8,000, it’s because Greg took the time to encourage the two final bidders to go upwards in $1,000 increments.
If you are thinking of selling, my advice is to choose Greg who will work very hard to ensure that the absolute top dollar is achieved for your property. I highly recommend Greg Rossen and would use him again.

Brian Walsh

Extensive Knowledge of Nedlands

We bought a property in Nedlands through Greg Rossen. He was very professional and helpful. We have been greatly benefitted by his ongoing assistance after the settlement of sale. His knowledge of Nedlands/Crawley/Dalkeith area is amazing. He could easily recount the history of individual houses. There is so much we could learn from this gentleman in real estate.

A Chow

Best Price Achieved!

My wife and I wanted to sell our former family home in Crawley.

With so many western suburbs real estate agents, how do you choose the right one when you come to sell your own property?

With this in mind, I attended an auction of a property in Crawley that Greg Rossen was selling on behalf of a deceased estate.

I was very impressed with his enthusiasm and his skill at the auction in obtaining an exceptional price for the sellers of that property.

He is without doubt, the best auctioneer I have ever seen and I know that the sellers of the deceased estate were ecstatic with the premium price they achieved.

Needless to say, we engaged Greg to auction our own property and were delighted with his service, professionalism and the price he obtained for us.

May I take the opportunity together with Margaret, to say a big thank you for the total commitment and strong marketing campaign you undertook which led to the sale of our property.

I can thoroughly recommend Rossen Real Estate for outstanding service and getting the top price.

Daniel Ong

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